Airlines Will Soon Make It Easier To Fly To Disney World & Universal Studios

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Road trips have become unpredictable due to the fluctuating prices of gas. Short staffing and cancellations have also affected airlines, leaving travelers uncertain about their options.

Fortunately, there is an agreement between United Airlines and Emirates that will make traveling around the world a bit easier. The two airlines announced that they have signed an agreement that will allow their passengers to easily access hundreds of destinations worldwide.

Through the agreement, United and Emirates customers will be able to travel to more than a hundred cities through their partner airline, flydubai. Tickets for the new United flight to Dubai are on sale now.

Starting November, Emirates customers who travel to San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago will be able to connect to almost 200 cities within the United Airlines network. Most of these trips only require a one-stop stop connection. In addition, interline arrangements will also be made at airports such as Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington D. C.

This may make it much easier for families who are trying to plan vacations this fall. Whether they're planning to head to the beach, Disney, or Universal this will make it much easier.